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    We make sure to keep the Likes for 90 days. Since Likes tend not to follow, we send more you buys to cover any losses.

    If the number of likes decreases, we will gladly deliver free of charge.

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Buy Instagram Likes: Easily generate more followers

You've set up an Instagram account and are wondering what to do next. You need followers, of course. The more users follow you on Instagram, the better your channel's ranking will be. Instagram is a social community - and rewards channels where users interact. Comments are a benchmark, but you also need likes.

Sounds manageable and should be doable. Instagram Likes don't just fall from the sky and are sometimes just as hard to get as new followers. With us, you get real likes reliably within just a few minutes . Use our buy Instagram likes offer as a marketing tool to make certain posts more visible. Why Likes are so important on Instagram.

Instagram: It's about more than followers

As an image-based social media platform, Instagram thrives on you as a content creator and interactions. The best channels have grown impressively in recent years - both in followers and likes. Christiano Ronaldo, as one of the top accounts, gets millions of likes for every post. With more than 543 million followers and status as a top footballer on no problem.

With yours, it will take you a while to collect that many likes. There are many reasons why likes (and comments) are considered so important. You've invested a lot of time in planning and creating your post or story. Not being rewarded with Instagram Likes feels disappointing.

It also clearly shows that your channel is seen as relevant by followers with a large number of Instagram Likes. Otherwise, they would not bother to engage with posts.

Overview of the average Instagram likes depending on the number of followers

to 1,000 5 Likes per day
1,000 to 10,000 35 Likes per day
10,000 to 100,000 244 Likes per day
to 500,000 2,451 Likes per day
Top Profil knapp 75,000 Likes per day

Quelle: Basicthinking , visited February 3 2023

Many likes also have another effect. It has now been proven that there is such a thing as "digital peer pressure." When users see a post or Instagram Story with many Instagram Likes, the chance for an additional Like is higher. In other words, your posts with many likes have a good chance of users leaving more likes.

It's not just about getting lots of to have followers. Likes as a visible sign of interactions are just as important. Lifeless channels are simply uninteresting - not only for followers, but also for cooperation partners (who are particularly interested in you on the way to becoming an influencer).

Increase reach with top rankings

Instagram is a dynamic platform. Reach is created in various ways. One very important point is, of course, your followers. A channel with many users who not only follow, but are also active, has a bonus with the algorithm. But that ends up being only part of the answer when it comes to ranking your channel.

Just getting your followers to interact with your channel is a very important point. You just need Likes and show that your channel really has something to offer. Engagement - the ratio of comments and likes to the number of your followers - is a very important factor that influences your ranking and therefore the reach.

Buying followers and Instagram likes can only be the first step for you. You need to be clear as a channel owner that both are just pieces of the puzzle for more reach. You need the right content on a sustained basis. Topics and formats appeal to visitors and encourage an Instagram Like. Here's a little tip: You can include content in your channel that automatically gets users to interact with you - like polls, for example.

Buy Instagram Likes - sometimes less is more

Posts with lots of Instagram Likes just look good on your channel. It's not that easy to get followers to like you. If you have 1,000 followers, you can be happy with just five to 10 likes a day. You just want to go up significantly in ranking and visibility? We'll provide your posts with new links.

The idea of much helps much, however, we share only to a limited extent. It looks funny to have an Instagram channel with 500 followers - but individual posts that directly get a thousand likes. From the outside, something like this quickly makes you wonder. It just looks better, if even with the Likes growth looks rather organic.

Quality counts not only for your followers, but also for the Likes. We believe that Likes simply have to reflect a certain standard. That's exactly why you buy Likes only through reputable providers. We ensure at least 90 days that within this time window really ordered Likes on your posts arrive.

You don't have any real idea yourself how Instagram Likes buying works? You can get help from our support team. As social media professionals, just drop us an email and we'll respond as soon as possible.

Likes vs. Follower: Targeting potential

We make sure that all likes stay with you for 90 days. This means: You really get the amount of Likes you ordered - discreetly and securely. If Likes jump off or are not set, we simply deliver free of charge. But what do you do with the purchased Instagram Likes? You can simply make your channel more attractive for other users. Especially in the beginning, with only a small number of followers, this is a great way to spur organic growth.

What formats can you buy likes for on Instagram? The platform has introduced very different formats in recent years. Videos are now becoming more important. But reels also generate reach.

  • Posts are an easy and common form for sharing content with the Instagram community.
  • Since 2020, Reelson the platform, which can be up to 60 seconds long as a video.
  • With a carouselallows you to compose up to ten images. A format that followers spend a comparatively long time with.

Even formats that followers engage with for a longer period of time are the ones more likely to offer the chance of Likes. You can additionally help out here and buy Instagram Likes. We reliably deliver the ordered Likes. The entire process is handled discreetly with us and the data for this is consistently deleted after a few weeks

Even with Likes delivered by us for your posts, you can't just sit back and do nothing. To get your followers to interact, it takes:

  • interesting content and stories
  • regular new posts
  • Actions that engage your followers
  • an added value your channel can provide

Turning Likes into Followers: Tips for Top Instagram Accounts

Likes are only one side of the coin on Instagram. You need to keep one thing in mind: You'll only achieve better rankings and reach if likes and comments also turn into followers. Instagram pays out bonuses that simply scale upward with the number of followers you have. For channel owners and influencers like Lisa and Lena Mantler or Pia Wurtzbach with millions of followers, it adds up to a nice sum.

Overview of average monthly earnings via Instagram

Reichweite (Anzahl Follower)Einnahmen je Monat im Durchschnitt
1. 000 bis 10.0001. 420 US Dollar
10. 000 bis 50.0002. 061 US Dollar
50. 000 bis 500.0003. 517 US Dollar
500. 000 bis 1 Million5. 847 US Dollar
Mehr als 1 Million15. 356 US Dollar

Quelle: Onlinemarketingmagazin vom 23. Juli 2021

Nobody can compare to accounts like Lionel Messi's on Instagram anytime soon. Their channels simply benefit from the stars' name recognition. You can still turn your likes into followers. You need the right mix of topics, the perfect hashtags, and you have to showcase your posts.

Then you don't just get a Like, you get new followers. Of course, every channel starts small. To grow faster, you can also buy Instagram followers. As a tool for marketing your channel, the followers bring you some advantages. However, you still have to maintain the account yourself.

Content is King: Content is what matters

Bet you've heard this saying before. No, we're not unpacking the phrase. Content is king - there's really nothing to shake about that. What does that even mean: content is king? In the long run, you'll only get likes (and followers, of course) on Instagram if the topics, posts and stories on your channel are right. The fifth picture of your cat and again muesli swimming in the milk - relevant for you. But followers are unlikely to see much added value in it.

You just have to find the right ideas for topics and hashtags. What's particularly popular on Instagram right now? If you look around on the platform, it's probably all about fashion, lifestyle or food and art/design. Many channels have also taken on the following:

  • Travel
  • Sports
  • Party
  • Health and Wellness

Hobbies actually always go. You can, of course, just link your channel to an "animal helper". Topics and hashtagsare only half the battle, though. In any case, you also need to develop an eye for which formats are doing particularly well on Instagram in terms of likes. In any case, the statistics will help you here. Find out how many hits individual posts generate or where users ultimately bounce back very quickly.

There are topics that just trend more on Instagram. For more likes, is it advisable to always chase the trends unconditionally? We are rather skeptical at this point, but also want to justify our restraint. You have a channel, developed topics and already posted the first posts. Only unfortunately, these have nothing at all to do with current trends.

If you just jump on the bandwagon, you will look untrustworthy to your existing followers who are already liking posts. That's exactly why you shouldn't just jump on every trend blindly. However, there's really nothing wrong with incorporating trends that fit your channel. Simple example: You are about barbecue and BBQ. Then why not incorporate healthy grilling without meat?

This is how you gain a new audience without scaring off followers. With Instagram Likes provided by us, you can make such posts more interesting in any case. Another moment when buying Instagram Likes might not be a bad idea after all.

Silence is golden ... but not on social media

The social media platform Instagram thrives on your pictures, reels and videos. But the platform isn't just for personal self-expression. Social media still means that you should also interact with other users. The interaction ensures in the end that your channel becomes known, more users and followers are interested in the content - and so of course more likes come together.

To achieve this goal, you can actually stick to one rule of thumb: Follow, like and comment. If you don't have a celebrity bonus, you simply have to become active on your own. Restraint is rather not called for here. Participate in discussions that arise under a post. With controversial topics, you don't automatically have to polarize negatively, but can perhaps simply impress the Instagram community in a positive way.

It should simply be important to you at this point to not only let your own posts take center stage. When liking and commenting, you can also be on the move on Instagram. This interaction has a second advantage: You just look off ideas. Just because something shows up on another channel doesn't mean it's bad. If you're out there with your eyes open, you'll also find new topics and can even build a fast-growing network.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Buying Instagram Likes

So far, despite a few followers, you're not really getting any likes? If you want to give your channel new momentum, we have a few ideas. With new hashtags or formats, you might be able to give your channel the right kick. Buying Instagram followers is also possible. In the FAQ we just want to answer a few questions.

How expensive is buying Instagram Likes?

We don't discriminate whether you already have a particularly large number of Likes and followers or are just starting out. We have fixed prices that are simply based on the number of likes on Instagram per package. You can learn more on our site or just take a close look in the ordering process.

How do I find a good channel name on Instagram?

You need to ask yourself who your target audience is. Starting with the core theme is not a bad idea. Art, sports or design and lifehacks you can easily show up here. If your name also shows up in the channel name, you'll give it more profile.

What's a great idea for the Instagram niche?

Basically, you should not have to bend already. Perfect are topics in which you can contribute something to the community and distinguish yourself as an expert. This will not only ensure interest. Followers are more likely to remain loyal to your channel if your arguments are really solid.

Does reachbroker.comreally affect reach?

The Instagram platform rewards channels that have more followers on them and where simply interacting more via likes will result in a better ranking. If you can offer more, other users are more likely to see you. And as said before, channels with more followers and likes are simply more likely to be followed.

Why is my channel stagnating on Instagram?

There are several explanations for this. It is therefore more than difficult to name a clear cause. For example, it can be problematic if followers are added, but a larger number keeps dropping off. You take a look at the statistics to learn more about the dynamics of users on your channel.

How often do I post new Instagram posts?

There is no simple number we can give for this. Basically, channels are rewarded on which there is always something new happening. You don't have to post every hour now. A post every two days can get you more than just posting five pictures in a row once a week. Instagram has a fable for regularity.

Is buying Instagram Likes at safe?

Clearly you can feel safe with us. For example, we do not store your data forever. After 120 days your data will be deleted. It is important to us that the ordering process is simple and transparent. In addition, our officially licensed payment methods provide even more security.

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